The ten owner companies represent a wide technical scope and detail know how. The group includes everything from welding, bending, laser welding, 3D Printing in plastic and metal, manufacture of tanks and pressure vessels, fine mechanical high quality machining to turning and grinding heavy shafts up to 3 meters. The group also includes a design office, companies for processing large series and also advanced painting/surface treatment.

How was Sparepartner formed?

Sparepartner was formed in 1989 after a need arose from a customer where no individual company could offer complete service. There was a need to supply spare parts to the customer’s aftermarket. This meant machining, sheet metal processing, painting, storage, etc. Some companies in Karlskoga therefore joined forces to form Sparepartner, which could become the complete supplier. The aim was not to create a profit-making company, but instead to be able to deliver what the customer wanted and generate work in the Karlskoga region.

Lyckes Produktionsverktyg AB
  • In our workshop in Karlskoga, we have a complete set of machines that is constantly complemented by the latest in cutting machining, CAD/CAM and cost efficiency. High degree of value add and state-of-the-art production equipment are words of honor for us. We process details from a few grams up to 10 tons. We take responsibility for the products, but also for the details and components of our subcontractors and thus the total delivery. You will gain manufacturing capacity and expertise together with advanced production technology from us.
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Hjorts Industrilackering AB
  • We are a surface treatment company that through our acquisition of Karlskoga Rust Protection on 2/4 2009 can offer all types of finishes. Our operations are located in Karlskoga.
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Br Axelssons Plåt HB
  • The business idea is to manufacture qualified parts in thin and medium sheet size. To manufacture and market type-approved or tailor-made products. Our production should be able to take place in both short and long series and according to ISO 9002. We will invest in personnel and equipment to improve our knowledge, competitiveness, and profitability.
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Promek AB
  • Promek AB is a know-how company for mechanical design, advanced strength calculation, CE marking, industrial design and automation.

    Since the founding in 1989, we have delivered creative solutions to a large number of customers around Sweden. We are currently 9 designers who are used to working hard to deliver what the customer wants. We have the latest 3D CAD tools and we undertake everything from drawing work to total delivery of CE marked, ready-to-use tools/fixtures and facilities.
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J R Andersson El AB
  • The company was founded in 1989 and is located on Hangarvägen in Karlskoga. The business consists mainly of electrical installations/repairs hos both private individuals and companies... installations of burglar alarms... manufacturing/assembly... repairs of industrial machines... service and maintenance of electrical installations.
  • Phone: 0586-578 09
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KPV Teknik AB
  • KPV Teknik AB is the company with more than 30 years of experience in advanced 3D milling and turning. We are specialists in milling in hardened materials, milling of 3D-defined surfaces and turning. We also carry out CAD/CAM preparations directly from 3D model, assembly jobs and design.
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Karlskoga Automatsvarvning
  • Karlskoga Automatsvarvning is a qualified subcontractor of machined components with high demands on quality and on-time delivery. Our customers are in the manufacturing industry, mainly in the Nordic region.
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Karlskoga CNC Quality AB
  • The business consists of qualified cutting machining to Swedish and foreign industries, with a need for parts and components with a high degree of processing. The area includes everything from production technology, prototypes to production of larger series.
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MH Engineering AB
  • We help you with design, CE marking and risk analyses according to the PED and ATEX directives. We perform advanced construction with CAD and 3D Inventor. We carry out welding, cutting, pipe bending or manufacturing of parts in different steel grades. We perform cutting with fine plasma and gas on our 6x2 meter cutting table. With the plasma we cut between 0.7-25 mm of goods and with gas up to 300 mm. We weld with or without licensing requirements in TIG, MIG/MAG and with powder arc or Flux Core in our welding crane.
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Lasertech LSH AB
  • We are a company that are engaged in Laser welding in all possible materials. We are certified according to SS-EN ISO 9001:2000 and SS-EN ISO 14001:1996. We collaborate with a variety of laser processing companies and institutions. We have a large bank of knowledge in terms of the process and different materials.
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