Assembly and electrical installation of equipment

Assembly & Electrical Assembly

We have a wide network of contacts regarding different types of assembly. Today we carry out installation of sensors on mechanical equipment and we carry out partial assembly of equipment that will then be installed in complete machine. It also happens that we manufacture ingoing parts that are then assembled into a unit for delivery. For us, it is easy to procure fasteners, manufacture processed parts, plates, surface and then assemble and, for example, mark with labels or text for controls and so on.

  • Electronic assembly
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Adhesion, etc.

We can also handle hydraulics or pneumatic assembly. Conversely, we can of course also handle dismantling.

We have in our network resource that works with assembly today but are looking for more assembly to start their own business. This we are now trying to match with partial assembly of details for customization of vehicles. Current series are 1,500 parts per year. If you are looking for similar support,we have the solution for you.

We also have contact within industryelectronics and automation.