Surface treatment

This should be the largest area as there are infinitely many ways of surface treatment where a combination of decorative influences and rust protection is often achieved.

The most common surface treatments for corrosion protection are hot dip galvanizing, electro galvanizing, spray galvanizing (metallization) but we also do anti-corrosion treatment with chemical products such as tektyl. For aluminum, anodizing or hard anodizing acts as a corrosion protection and electrical non-conductive abrasion resistant layer that can also be made decorative.

Surface treatment

Decorative surface treatment that also provides rust protection is powder paint coating or wet paint and we regularly handle different painting systems. Painting on galvanized surface, plastic or metal is done frequently.

For stainless steel items, we have the option of electrolytical polishing which gives a mirrored finish.

We have also performed silver- or tin plating for contactors where the conductivity must be high.

We’re also used to handling older paintingsystems from old German railroad blueprits for example and the like.

One of the most usual surface treatments we work with is hot dip galvanizing, which we also can adjust after the process.

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